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Why you need an elevator pitch

Let's talk about the value of having a good elevator pitch.

Most successful sales and marketing professionals understand why a great elevator pitch is necessary. They understand first impressions often determine how far they progress toward closing the deal.

As the work world becomes more competitive, EVERYONE that is serious about career development must understand how equally important this is for them too. Whether you are an engineer, commercial banker, network administrator or any other professional, it is no longer sufficient to be great at what you do, yet not great at articulating it.  You must be able to clearly define who you are and what you do.  More importantly, you must be able to describe the results you achieve and the corresponding value you create for your employer.  We have heard this repeatedly from hiring authorities when it comes to making a decision between one candidate and another.

Now let's talk about

We are in the business of helping people craft and deliver their best pitch AND providing the tools necessary to deploy that pitch in a unique way and to deliver it to the RIGHT person. This allows our clients to become visible in a crowded market. Instead of being just another email in an inbox or another resume on the desk, our clients stand out and demand action on the part of the recipient of their elevator pitch.

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