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About Us

The Process

First of all it is important to clarify something.

You are better off not sending an elevator pitch video of your resume to someone you want to impress if it is not extremely well crafted and executed. This does not mean you need to sound like a game show host but it does mean you need the help of trained professionals before you shoot your video and during the shoot.

The breakdown:

  • You send us a summary of your career or school experience.
  • We review it to ensure it is doing you justice - does it reflect your most important accomplishments and are those relevant to your targeted industry? Or if it is even more directed toward one company, does it speak to that company's needs?
  • We shorten it to no more than one minute. This is critical. It is an elevator pitch, not a board presentation. You want to grab the attention of the viewer and stimulate their interest to learn more about you.
  • We review this with you on the phone or on a webcam.
  • Next, you practice your pitch using the teleprompter software built into our platform.
  • You practice in front of a mirror for at least a half hour. Practicing in front of a mirror is uncomfortable for most people but is the first step in getting gaining the confidence to deliver your pitch in front of the camera. 
  • We schedule the shoot with a high definition camera and a teleprompter, (you do not have to memorize your pitch), in a professional green screen studio where we work until we get it right. We are experts at getting people to relax and be themselves.
  • You go home and we do our magic allowing you to deploy your pitch against any site that you would like to.