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About Us

Defined Target Messaging

With over 31 years in recruiting we have rarely seen much success throwing something over the wall to see if it will stick. In other words, sending your resume or message to countless recruiters and companies, posting your resume on Monster and Career Builder is not effective if you want to be in the driver’s seat.

Our approach is different- we can enable you to reach out and directly contact the SPECIFIC decision maker inside the companies of your choice. For instance, suppose you are an engineer and want to work for Boston Scientific. We can provide you the direct email address and phone number for the head of the appropriate department within the company. That way you can open a direct dialogue with that decision maker, thus increasing your chances of landing the first interview.

Also it is important to send the RIGHT message. Targeted messaging is not just about who you send the message to but what you are saying. If you merely state the obvious or ask "how is it going", you are not likely to get a great response. We know how to communicate the first message and subsequent follow-ups in order to maximize the chances of a favorable response.

In short, our experience navigating through the barriers of entry and the tools we allow you to leverage, ensure that your pitch gets to the right person, not someone that is already sitting with 100 resumes on their desk. This is what we call Defined Target Messaging.

Resume Blasts

There are a number of services available today that will enable you to spam your resume to multiple recruiters and companies simultaneously. At YourElevatorPitch, we believe not only is a targeted campaign more effective, but it also a better representation of you and your self-confidence. As headhunters with over 31 years of combined experience, we have never been impressed with resumes that have come to us from multiple sources and are simultaneously listed on several job boards.

Increasing Your Visibility 

Now that you have decided that you are going to send your pitch to the right person and not just one in the company, how can you ensure that you have the best chance in getting the recipient to view it?

The good news is you are already light years ahead of people that are just sending out resumes and hoping for the best. By sending a well produced elevator pitch video you are now visible to the recipient in a unique way. The key word here is visible.

Resume Optimization

Even if you did a resume blast and it landed in the inbox of a potential employer or recruiter, many such companies use automated processes to screen resume submissions. These computerized systems (called applicant tracking systems, or ATS's) are set up to identify keywords in resumes that match what the company is looking for. If those keywords are not a major part of your resume, you will not even get to the short list at all. Another element of our service is to optimize your resume for such keywords. This further increases your chances of being visible to the right decision makers.