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Join us each Wednesday at 12 noon CST with your Host Tom Radcliff and Guests Tom Truitt (CEO) and Paul Sanderson (CMO) of

Each show is designed to deliver useful and insightful information to callers and listeners who are seeking a new job, underemployed,
have been laid off, out of college looking for their first position or an MBA Student he is trying to get back into the market. Truitt and Sanderson bring 31 years worth of head hunting experience to the team have placed 1,000's of candidates over the years. Call in at 347 994 1966 ask questions or just listen. You can also listen live over the internet at, listen to archives or download to your iPod.


August 25, 2009 YourElevatorPitch, Inc. ( “How far would you go to secure a job”  That’s what NBC Affiliate WSMV asked Tom Truitt CEO of YourElevatorPitch.

June 29, 2009 CBS TV affiliate WTVF -'s CEO and Co-Founder Tom Truitt Speaks with Matt Lowney of CareerTalk.

June 14, 2009 MBACSC Phoenix, Arizona exhibits at the MBACSC displaying the flexibility of its platform to top colleges across the country.

May 26, 2009 Career Expo with an earlier release of platform great with tremendous excitement by job seekers and local industry.      

YourElevatorPitch on Social Media


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NBC affiliate, WSMV brings new technology         Jane uses YouElevatroPitch
to light for job seekers. Aug 25, 2009                   and Dick doesnt. July 26th, 2009


  CEO Tom Truitt appears on CBS   YourElevatorPitch displays        YourElevatorPitch releases launches   Dan Aronoff of The Transition 
  affiliate WTVF June 28th, 2009      at MBA CSC June 10, 2009       Commercial for Colleges           at Career Expo, May 28, 2009    People, May 29, 2009 

  Joe Morrell of the Transition         Earlier Business Card Example   CEO Tom Truitt appears on 
  People, May 29, 2009                 May 2, 2009                               the Social Media Connection